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Where can I get a catalog of products and parts?

    Simply download online or contact us by email :

Why is there a huge difference in pricing for the similar products?

    The products look similar, but they can be dramatically different in terms of quality. Specifically, the load cell used, the precision, and the approval.

Who should I contact for a quote on a scale?

    All our listed price is shown online. You can become our dealer/distributor to get a special dealer's price.

Can I change the capacity of my indicator?

     For SWB6 or SWB7, you need to use locked function (LF) 2 to set the capacity. The system will automatically set to LF1 for calibration. Make sure there is no weight on the scale when calibrating zero, and then add the known weight for span. After you calibrate the weights, your indicator should be ready to go. For the best of results, you should use Gravity products for SWB6 and SWB7. Our indicators should also work with the majority of other brand's products.

What is the difference between multi-interval and multi-range?

See the picture below