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Shipping cost

Shipping cost is determined by shipping weight and distance. UPS uses different zones to calculate the rate (zones 2-8 for continental USA and zones 44, 45, and 46 for other territories). The shipping weight rounds to an integer. For example, package weight of 5.3 lb is rounded to 6 lb. In addition, dimension could also affect the shipping weight. The table below shows you the shipping weight and price using UPS retail rate. Gravity uses this table to give you some gudiance on the shipping cost and should not be hold accountable for the accuracy of final shipping price.  


Here, H8C is a single item package with one load cell inside it. L6D is a package with 10 load cells. Sometimes, it is better to send multiple items in one package. Gravity Measurement will use the most efficient way to help you to reduce the shipping cost. Floor scales (4 ft by 4 ft and above) are not listed here, as it is not economic to ship through UPS. UPS freight could be an alternative and other freight services. The shipping cost using LTL for one floor scale and multiple floor scales is usually the same. 

The figure below shows you the transit time using UPS.


Alternatively, Gravity is willing to use your own accounts (UPS, Fedex, et.) to ship the products from our warehouse at Schenectaday, New York.