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High Precision Platform Scale (Body Only)

NT series are high precision platform scale with stainless platter. it can work with all Gravity Indicators。
Item model :NTXXXX


Stainless Steel Platter with Various Dimension

Load Cell: ZEMIC Model L6E (CC 11-062) or other metrological equivalent and NTEP certified

Column is optional

Order Information

ModelCapacity (lb)Size (inch)Load Cells*Indicator**Division
NT3030-505012" x 12"L6E-50KGSWB65000
NT3030-10010012" x 12"L6E-75KGSWB65000
NT3030-20020012" x 12"L6E-150KGSWB65000
NT3040-505012" x 16"L6E-50KGSWB65000
NT3040-10010012" x 16"L6E-75KGSWB65000
NT3040-25025012" x 16"L6E-150KGSWB65000
NT3545-505014" x 18"L6E3-60KGSWB65000
NT3545-10010014" x 18"L6E3-75KGSWB65000
NT3545-25025014" x 18"L6E3-150KGSWB65000
NT4040-505016" x 16"L6E-60KGSWB65000
NT4040-10010016" x 16"L6E-100KGSWB65000
NT4040-25025016" x 16"L6E-150KGSWB65000
NT4050-10010016" x 20"L6E-60KGSWB75000
NT4050-25025016" x 20"L6E-150KGSWB75000
NT4050-50050016" x 20"L6E-300KGSWB75000
NT4545-10010018" x 18"L6E3-60KGSWB75000
NT4545-25025018" x 18"L6E3-200KGSWB75000
NT4545-50050018" x 18"L6E3-300KGSWB75000
NT5050-10010020" x 20"L6G-100KGSWB75000
NT5050-25025020" x 20"L6G-150KGSWB75000
NT5050-50050020" x 20"L6G-300KGSWB75000
NT5060-25025020" x 24"L6G-150KGSWB75000
NT5060-50050020" x 24"L6G-300KGSWB75000
NT6060-25025024" x 24"L6G-150KGSWB75000
NT6060-50050024" x 24"L6G-300KGSWB75000

* or equivalent NTEP certified

** if equipped


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General Specifications

Accuracy Class III
Division Nmax 3000
Internal Division 30000
Displayed Units kg, g, lb, oz
Temperature Limits 14 F to 104 F
Speed of A/D Conversion 7.5, 15, 30 Hz
Interface RS232
Approval NTEP CC 17-053
Warranty 1 Year

Model Load Cell

Output Sensitivity ( = F.S.) 2 ± 0.2 mV/V
Nonlinearity less than 0.01% F.S.


Input/Output 120 -240 V/12V/1A
Battery Type Lead Acid Rechargeable
Voltage/Output 6 V
Life With Backlight Off/Standby 320 hours/4 AH
Life With Backlight On/Weighing 120 hours/12 mA
Auto Power Off Yes

Display Panel

Type LCD with LED backlit
Size 1.2"
Color Blue
Digits 7

Other Specifications